Thomas Leslie
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Descendents of Thomas Leslie

Thomas & Nancy Lesley.JPG (102488 bytes)
Thomas Lesly & Nancy Lesly
This image provided by Joan R. Leslie Wilson

James Wiley Leslie 2.jpg (36758 bytes) Nan Lee wife of James Wiley Leslie.jpg (39604 bytes)
James Wiley Leslie
b. December 17, 1843
d. December 28, 1913
Nancy Elizabeth Lee
b. April 14, 1853
d. March 04, 1934

NAME:  Leslie,  James W.
WIDOW:  Leslie,  Nancy Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W6040
COUNTY:  Monroe

Bettie Brakebill & Burr (U.G.) Leslie.jpg (65383 bytes) Burr Leslie & Bettie Brakebill.jpg (74462 bytes)
Bettie Brakebill & Ulysses Grant (Burr) Leslie
Married April 28, 1908 at New Hope CP Church

lesliepics 2.jpg (77489 bytes)
Back - Edith L. Fleener, George Leslie, Pricie L. Moser, Essie Watson, Lee Leslie
Front - U.G. Leslie, "Nanny" Leslie, Ida Watson

Pryor Leslie,Eva Mae Leslie,George Leslie,Jr. Leslie,Raymond L.jpg (67942 bytes)
Pryor Leslie, Eva Mae Leslie,George Leslie,Jr. Leslie,Raymond Leslie


Pryor Leslie.jpg (37836 bytes) Pryor Brakebill Leslie.jpg (67151 bytes)
Pryor Brakebill Leslie Pryor Leslie & Bert Montgomery

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