Ship Records and Land Bounties

Submitted by Brian Leslie Curtis

Page 9   South Carolina Council Journal #30 page 20-31 Meeting of 24th January 1764.

The following Petitions for Warrents of Survey of lands on the bounty were presented and read.

John Lesslie 150 acres
William McElroy     100 acres
James Leslie         100 acres
John King             100 acres
Agnes Barr         100 acres
Jane Lesslie         100 acres
James Barr         300 acres
William Camlin         100 acres
John McConnell         250 acres
Hugh Duff                   100 acres
Margaret McConnell 100 acres
William Law         400 acres
George McConnell 100 acres
John Law                       100 acres
James McConel           100 acres
Thomas McConnell       100 acres
John Montgomery   100 acres

The Petitioners were respectively sworn to their family rights & produced Certificates under the hands of Ministers & Church Wardens of Desenting Ministers and Elders of Congregation in Ireland of their being Protestants & sett forth that they were arrived in this Province upon the enccuragement & bounty allowed by the Act of the General Assembly of this Province pass'd   25th. July 1761 & therefore humbly pray'd an Order to the public Treasurer to pay the said Bounties and It appearing that they severally paid for their respective passages. ORDER'D that the Clerk do grant them Certificates to the public Treasurer to pay the said Bounties and that the Secretary do prepare Warrent of Survey to the Surveyor General to cause the land pray'd for to be run out to the petitioners in Boonsborough or Township.

[This apparently answers the question of when the Lesleys migrated to Boonsborough S.C.]

Page 46
South Carolina Council Journal #32 pages 668-671 Meeting December 4 1765

The following Petitions of some poor protestants lately arrived into this Province from Great Britain and Belfast in Ireland praying for Warrants of   Survey for lands & the Bounty given by the act of the General Assembly passed on 25 day of July 1761 were presented and read

Wm.Crosley     age: 36     600 acres
John McCue     age:33     200 acres
James Webb     age:49     350 acres
Thomas Graham     age:20     150 acres
Roger Agnew     age:20     100 acres
Thos. Beathy     age:16     100 acres
Joseph Walker     age:21     100 acres
Samuel Fisher     age:19     100 acres
Joseph Moore     age:33     350 acres
John Lesslie ***     age:38     400 acres
Thomas Lesslie ***age:40     400 acres
Patrick Barr     age:19     100 acres
John Wallace     age:24     100 acres
John Thomson     age:23     100 acres
Joseph Gregg     age:22     100 acres
William Hannah     age:21     100 acres
Anthony Duffield a   age:23     100 acres
Daniel Perry     age:20     100 acres
Hugh Simpson     age:18     100 acres
Mary Hunter     age:32         100 acres

This tells us what the ages of John and Thomas Lesley.

Page 48

The Petitioners produced proper Certificates of their good behavior but it appearing they had not paid for their passages ORDERED that the Certificates be delivered to Messrs Torrans Pouag & Co. as above.

Read also the following petitions praying for the Bounty allowed by said act.

Jane Lesslie age:40
Cathrine Moore age:33
Ann Lesslie age:13
Ann Mooreage: 14
Wm. Lesslie age:8
Hugh Moore age:13
Mart Lesslie age:11
James Moore age:10
Thomas Lesslie age:5
William Moore age:2
Jane Lesslie age:2
Janet Walker age:38
Mary Lesslie age:38
Jane Maxwell age:28
Wm. Lesslie age:13
Robert Maxwell age:12
Jane Lesslie age:11
Alex'dr Maxwell age:10
Samuel Lesslie age:7
John Maxwell age:8
John Lesslie age:4
Nicholas Maxwell age:5
Eliz'h Webb age:30
Mary Webb age:14
Andrew Webb age:10
Sarah Webb age:6
John Webb age:2
Sarah McClue age:26
Barbara McClue age:2
Martha Crossleyage: 9
Ann Crossley age:15
Mary Crossley age:9
Susannah Crossley age:7
Bridgit McCormack age:20

*** The info on page 48 was dated the same as page 46. This proves the ages of the wife and children (of William) and the age of Jane and her children during the time of 1765. Hopefully this info will clear up the question of the ages of the immigrant Lesley's.

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