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New Hope Church (circa 1928)
Decoration Day and Dinner on the Ground

New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church and Cemetery
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In August of 1868 a small band of east Tennessee Christians organized New Hope Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Monroe County, Tennessee. Located in a beautiful valley eight miles north of Madisonville, the church was pastored by Rev. Joseph Peeler for three years. Rev. Peeler was a chaplain during the Civil War. He was also the organizing pastor of the Corntassel Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Vonore and the Cumberland Stand Cumberland Presbyterian Church in the Fork Creek Community. Rev. Peeler died in 1871 and was buried at Corntassel.

Early membership records reveal the identities of early settlers on this portion of Bat Creek.  Most of the grandparents of early members had come here from the Carolinas, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  They were largely a mixture of German, English, and Scotch-Irish having arrived to America in the early 1700s and migrated South and West as Native Americans were removed to the West.

The Leslie family has been associated with New Hope since James and Nancy moved to the old Albert Lowry place on Loudon Road where descendents continued to live.  They previously lived in the southern part of Monroe, probably district 8.  They migrated from South Carolina and the family is still active in New Hope Church today.  Read more history...

Leslies at New Hope Cemetery
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Leslie, James:: 12-17-1843==12-28-1913

Leslie, Nancy Lea:: 1844==4-14-??? *Nannie* W\above

Leslie, Lee W.:: 2-22-1885==12-10-1955-S\of James-Nancy

Leslie, Callie Blackman:: 10-12-1883=1-7-1936-D\Luther B.

Leslie, U.G (Ulysses Grant). *Burr*; 2-2-1880==6-13-1946-S\James-Nancy

Leslie, Bettie Brakebill:: 1-27-1889==6-25-1965 S\dau John M.\Sidney

Leslie, Pryor B. (Brakebill):: 9-22-1918==7-23-1971-S\Burr-Bettie

Leslie, Juretta Mangis:: 11-24-1916 ======

Leslie, U.G. (Junior):: 9-26-1912==12-8-1994 S\Burr-Bettie

Leslie, Etta Sue Collins:: 1-16-1906==5-6-1994 D\Burt-(Lakeside) grandaughter of Perry Lee Collins

Leslie, Melvin A.:: 4-31-1928++ 5-27-1989

Leslie, Mary K. Brown:: 8-19-1`927 wife of Melvin  (above)

Leslie, Fred Ulysses:: 10-8-1935==12=28-1935

Leslie Donna Reed:: 10-26-1947==2-22-1958

Leslie Stones
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Pryor Brakebill Leslie
b. 9/22/1918
d.  7/23/1971
Ulysses Grant "Burr" Leslie

Gone from our home but
 not from our hearts

b. 2/2/1880
d. 6/13/1946

Bettie Isabella Brakebill

Alvin Melvin Leslie
Mar. 31, 1925
May 27, 1989

Mary K. Brown
Aug. 19, 1927

Married November 27, 1975

 Mary Katherine Brown


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